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The better the indicators, the better the decisions

Adopt better quality indicators to accelerate the success of your software projects

Gather & store project data generated by SonarQube® or other tools
Create performance indicators after aggregation
Make a smart statement of your vision via a dynamic dashboard
Improve project quality and team performance

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Steering dashboard for IT project managers

Infoscope represents a new generation of project management tools designed to bring project leaders and PMO a comprehensive and accurate overview of the quality and performance of their project portfolio.

Development teams widely use measurement and evaluation tools to check the quality of their source code. These measurement tools are developer oriented and not designed for project management.

Project Managers lack the overall visibility required to take critical decisions. What Infoscope brings is an automatic and easy solution to collect all your project data and turn them into relevant Key Performance Indicators.

Easy to install and friendly to use, Infoscope is the best solution at the best price.

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Synchronize your Infoscope Dashboard with Sonarqube data
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