New version of Infoscope Released

Infoscope Enterprise version 17 has been released! It brings many new functional and technological features. Consult the main improvements below.

Software Analytics Model

New Quality Model

A new analysis and decision-making model named “Software Analytics” has been designed. It includes: code cloning, complexity, code coverage, compliance with software standards and self descriptiveness as well as the violation density based on the main software quality characteristics such as reliability, maintainability, security, etc. This takes in every aspect of a software program and offers bespoke measurements of its quality.

Define Milestones

The Milestone feature is now available for every new project, enabling the project leader to follow and manage a project in line with deadlines and performance objectives. Several essential objectives can be tracked thanks to this functionality, which is particularly useful for Agile projects and Technical Debt maintenance.

Milestone diagram - Rule compliance objective

User Interface

Squale pyramid

The SQALE Pyramid shows distribution of the Technical Debt according to the different quality characteristics defined in the SQALE methodology, which recommends organizing the remedial measures in the following order:

  1. Testability
  2. Reliability
  3. Security
  4. Changeability
  5. Efficiency
  6. Maintainability
  7. Portability
Function Coverage Map

The Function Coverage Tree Map helps testers identify the modules to be tested first as defined in the test strategy.

New import facilities

Ruleset Templates can now be imported from XML files. A Data Provider can be developed to import data using a unified XML input format.


Besides the implementation of a charting library, Infoscope is now compatible with Java 8 and WildFly 10, for greater reliability and security.

The improvements released in version 17 fulfills existing customers’ requirements, meeting their expectations of a leading-edge solution. These new features will also facilitate marketing the product and increase the chance of achieving more sales.

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