DevOps Integration with Infoscope

Infoscope is a solution, which monitors IT Projects. In this article, we show how relevant the integration of Infoscope is, for all companies which want to go to the next level using DevOps. DevOps is an approach which aims at unifying software development (Dev) and operation (Ops) to accelerate the time to market of a software. Thus, process automation and monitoring become absolutely essential.

Figure 1 Develop & Operate Life-Cycle


Build a Continuous Integration Pipeline is a basic to enforce DevOps. CI-Engines are widely used to regularly (to pre-defined schedule, often at night), check out, build and test the application to control it stays “deliverable”. Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment can be then implemented. Many organizations have fully automated their process and can now deploy their applications into production within a few minutes.

Integration in Continuous Integration

Infoscope takes part totally in this orchestration. Firstly, Infoscope is easy to integrate. The 3-step wizard assists you to setup Infoscope in a CI-Job. This is usually defined as a Post Step, just after the Build. Secondly, Infoscope is fast; this is in line with the Continuous Integration philosophy. Thirdly, Infoscope is open. It can connect many Version Control Systems, analyse many programming languages and aggregate data from many third-party tools. And if you want to leverage any specific measurements, you can easily create your own Data Provider.

Deliver faster and more reliably

The goal of DevOps is to speed up application delivery while meeting quality standards. Infoscope helps your organization to achieve this goal by defining understandable KPIs. Quality Models specify the quality levels, basically a green “A” to red “G” rating (A stands for an excellent quality). Every artefacts, from the project down to the method, is evaluated. The Quality Model will be adapted to match your quality requirements, which most of the time, come from the field the company belongs to. In the automotive sector, MISRA and ISO 26262 indicators as well as memory consumption will be available. Moreover, the analysis created by Infoscope can be used as Quality Gate to condition the following steps of the CI-Job. We recommend using simple criteria such as “no deterioration of the quality”, “no blocker” and set thresholds corresponding to the value of the application.

Work together

Developing the collaboration within the team is one of the objectives of DevOps. This becomes particularly crucial when the teams are distributed in different locations. Infoscope automates and centralizes the Quality Monitoring of all the IT projects, and also hardens the collaboration within the team. From the web-based interface, each team member contributes to improve the projects and can visualize the progress.

Software Development Best Practices

Infoscope promotes the usage of Software Development Best Practices. Firstly, it is essential to control the code quality and detect defects from the development stage. With the help of Infoscope Plug-ins for IDE, the developer gets an immediate feedback. Moreover, Infoscope enforces the usage of third-party tools such as change and requirements management system, test framework, test coverage, bug tracker, which all enhance the global quality of your software.


Infoscope helps to setup procedures to better monitor the quality of your IT projects, reduce the time to market of your software and empower everybody in the team.

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