Infoscope Starter Edition

Infoscope Starter Edition leverages standard providers to give managers a holistic overview of the quality of their portfolio and helps them to anticipate any risks.

Quality Monitoring…

Quality monitoring in IT is “deployed by” and often “intended for” technical people only. Static code analysis, code smell, test coverage are indeed all essential measurements for the software itself, which are just as crucial for the management. The difference is that managers do not focus on such a detailed and technical level but actually need aggregated information at the project level to make the right decisions at the right time. They need to know how the project is growing, how the quality has changed over the last versions and identify any suspicious rise in the maintenance cost.

…for managers

Infoscope Starter Edition fulfils this need since it offers an overview for all projects of the portfolio, in which the quality, the size, the technical debt and other KPIs are displayed and compared. Then, managers can open a specific project to get detailed indicators and information such as the workload, the risk and all trends together with predictive analysis.

Reports can be generated on-demand in various formats, for instance to prepare a meeting and share top-level analysis with the team.

Figure 1 – The project overview slide

Infoscope Starter Edition is a solution for all IT managers who need a clear and always up to date situation of their projects.
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