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With Infoscope Enterprise Edition, bring your Web applications to the quality level expected by your customers and boost your business.

Whatever the field: insurance, online banking, online shops, social network, the Web and Mobile applications have become an absolute necessity in today’s economy. If the UX design is a key factor, especially for mobile apps since the Mobile First approach was introduced, the quality of the source code should not be neglected. Indeed, the provided services need to be reliable, run 24/7, load fast and safe to make the difference against the competitors.

A Web application relies on many technologies e.g. Markup Languages, data storage as distributed or relational databases and programming languages. Those can be divided into two main categories: front-end and back-end, which are described below.


JavaScript is probably the most widely used front-end language. It is also used by many frameworks like AngularJS, which is built for dynamic web apps. TypeScript is open source and can be defined as a superset of JavaScript and brings new functionalities like type-checking the code.


PHP, Java, C#, Python, C++ and C is a non-exhaustive list of programming languages which can be used to develop the back-end layer of a Web application. If PHP has been designed for Web development, the others can be used for other purposes. Please note that JavaScript can also be used to develop the server part of a Web application (Node.js).

Quality Monitoring

Infoscope monitors all the above mentioned programming languages. The different source files will be identified and analysed accordingly to their type, artefacts will be rated and corresponding violations will be added. As a result, the software quality of all the projects of the portfolio will be displayed in the dashboard, together with statistics about the technology usage.

SQL can also be analysed to complete the monitoring (article about DB/IQ Data Provider)

Infoscope also aggregates violations from Security checkers to report any vulnerabilities in the dashboard as detecting situations, which could make an attack possible or for instance the usage of deprecated hash functions.


Major players deploy to production within a few minutes, even within seconds, for the biggest. That is why monitoring the quality must be continuously carried out. For more input about Infoscope integration into CI-Engine, please refer to a previous article: “DevOps Integration with Infoscope”.

Infoscope supports all these languages and helps to automate software quality monitoring of Web and Mobile apps. You can request a free demo of the Infoscope Enterprise Edition on the website: www.infoscope.com. Our experts will contact you in due course!

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