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Infoscope Starter Edition
for windows
Quality Dashboard for SonarQube®
5 000 € per year excl. tax

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  • Single-user – Desktop installation

  • Plug & play – Out-of-the-box quality dashboard for your projects
  • Import SonarQube® data – Your development teams use SonarQube® as a source code analyser. Automatically aggregate their row data to produce your management dashboard

  • Technical Debt Dashboard – Use Technical Debt as a Key Performance Indicator

  • All your projects at a glance – Gather all your projects in a unique quality Dashboard

  • Clear vision of project quality across the board – Intuitive navigation through graphical results with intuitive charts, trend indicators, version drill-down

  • Monitor progress and compare – Monitor quality evolution throughout project versions and compare results between projects and versions

  • Reporting – Generate reports in standardized formats at a single click

Infoscope Enterprise Edition
for windows and Linux
Collaborate and share dashboards

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  • Multi-user – Server installation
  • Role-based Dashboard – From the executive manager to the developer, each user benefits from dedicated actionable Key Performance Indicators
  • Impartial and scalable evaluation – Customize analysis and decision models to fit your in-house practises or normative constraints
  • Customized dashboard – Ability to create your own KPIs aligned with your business objectives

  • Clear and collaborative vision of the quality of the projects – Intuitive navigation through graphical results with intuitive charts, drill-downs through project versions, project artefacts and quality attributes, powerful filtering to spot critical or deteriorated items in large-sized applications
  • Decision-making dashboard – Decision models based on real-time accurate and relevant information via continuous integration
  • Automated generation of action plans – Recommend priority actions aligned with your objectives
  • Built-in source code analysers – Proprietary integrated fast and easy-to-run source code analyzers
  • Collects and aggregates all type of data – Gather data from any 3rd party tools (source code analyzer, bug trackers, modelers, source control management system, tests…) and turn them into relevant KPIs

  • Easy to deploy – Adaptable, intuitive, secure Web interface to ease deployment and information broadcasting

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