Infoscope empowers you to:

Import quality raw data generated by SonarQube® or other analysis tools
Capitalize data from past version to measure progress and compare
Aggregate raw data to create relevant KPIs
Distribute these indicators via a dynamic dashboard

Let’s start now to monitor your projects

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Comprehensive overview of projects

  • Overview of your project portfolio – Gather all your project data in a unique quality Dashboard

  • Plug & Play – Out-of-the box quality dashboard based on prebuilt KPIs and standard metrics

  • Easy-to-read – Designed to give Project Managers a synthetic vision of their projects’ quality

  • Technical Debt Dashboard – Use Technical Debt as a Key Performance Indicator

  • Real-time vision – KPIs are refreshed in live time

Turn all project data into relevant KPIs

  • Dealing with the Data Deluge – Collect and harmonize all data produced throughout the project lifecycle: code analysers, tests, configuration management, etc.

  • Get the big picture – Aggregate raw quality data to produce smart KPIs automatically

  • Make it simple – You don’t need to add complex analytical steps to your process. Infoscope collects data from your existing tools and uses it!

data kpi infosocpe

Good Performance Indicators are easy to read


What is the level of quality?


How does it progress?

kiviat infoscope

What should be improved?

A manager dashboard for SonarQube®

  • Developer versus Project Manager – SonarQube® is a great tool for developers but does not give the overall visibility required by Project Managers. Infoscope complements SonarQube® with a dashboard dedicated to project management.

  • Ready to use – Infoscope Starter Edition is Plug and Play with SonarQube®

  • Import data in one-click – Only requires the SonarQube® URL and an active account

sonar dashboard infoscope
connect all tools infoscope

Connect all your engineering tools

  • Import every kind of data – Choose the Infoscope Enterprise Edition to aggregate data from any third party tools: rule checkers, dynamic analysers, bug trackers, modelers, change managers, etc.

  • Customize your dashboard – Customize or integrate indicators aligned with your in-house practices and business objectives

All your projects at a glance

  • Multi-project dashboard – A single control panel to monitor all your projects

  • Compare and measure – Retaining data from previous versions enables the immediate detection of deviations

  • Impartial vision – Assess all projects using the same objective criteria

  • Upgrade project / team management – Optimized management based on standard Performance Indicator monitoring

  • Decide and act – Timely and informed decision-making
Creates indicators to take desicions
Intuitive navigation to focus on decision-making

  • Clear information – Graphical results with intuitive charts

  • One-click-access – With the drilldow, pivot from the portfolio overview to the project details in a single click

Technical Debt Management

  • An indicator with high ROI – Technical Debt weighs heavily on teams’ agility and innovation

  • Easy to understand – Technical Debt speaks for itself when displayed in man-days

  • Easy to deploy – At its simplest, Technical Debt is computed by cumulating workloads of non-conformities

Control the evolution over the deliveries

  • Data historization – Retain data from previous version

  • Prevent deviations – Immediate detection of regressions, failures, deviation from plans

  • Quality trends – Early high-risk project detection

Export reports in various formats

  • Report generation – Generate your management or team reports in one-click

  • Modify your reports – Export reports in a format you can modify : Word®, Powerpoint®, pdf…

Getting started now

  • Desktop edition – Download the Infoscope Starter Edition now and benefit from a powerful management dashboard using SonarQube® data
  • Server Edition – Collect all data and share dashboards with collaborative governance

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