Different roles, different perspectives

What does a Developer need?

A list of defects that need to be corrected
Know which defects are critical
Detailed information on its pieces of code
Ensure compliance with the best coding practices
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What does a Project Leader need?

A synthetic evaluation of a project
Decision-making information
A comprehensive vision of the project portfolio
Measure progress and compare

Smart decisions require a clear vision

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Project Managers face two major stakes: acquiring more maturity in their project management and turning into relevant and actionable indicators an ever increasing volume of data produced throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Currently, the majority of companies are using control and analysis tools such as SonarQube® to ensure the quality of their developments. Those solutions provide valuable support for developers. But they don’t really share and aggregate results, so they are not suitable for project managers. Project leaders lack the overall visibility required to take critical decisions essential to project success: cost control and optimization, on-time delivery, work product quality and ressource management.

The Infoscope dashboard gathers all the information provided by traditional analysis tools and turns it into relevant indicators. With immediate results: a comprehensive overview of project and software quality.

Key factor for project success:

relevant, reliable and actionable indicators

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What is the quality level?

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What is the progression?

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What are the forecasts?

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What is the position in relation to other projects?

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See and understand your projects

  • Add value to your project data by turning them into KPIs?

  • Complement traditional code analysis and measuring tools with a steering dashboard

  • Adopt a standard quality evaluation method for all your projects

  • Don’t change developers’ habits, take advantage of existing processes

Infoscope added value & benefits

  • The complementary aspects of developers’ tools such as SonarQube® and Infoscope’s steering vocation

  • A capacity to take evaluation processes to an industrial level

  • Streamlined implementation

  • The Infoscope dashboard’s highly advanced steering functionalities, delivering unprecedented versatility

  • Aggregating capacity covering all types of quality measurement

  • Flexibility to incorporate third party tools

  • Scope for adapting models and indicators to organisational needs

  • Competitive pricing


Getting started now

  • Desktop edition – Download Infoscope Starter Edition now and benefit a powerful management dashboard using SonarQube® data

  • Server Edition – Collect all data and share dashboards with collaborative governance

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